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Ice Age is a 2002 American computer-animated pal comedy journey movie routed by Chris Wedge from a tale by Michael J. Wilson. It was created by Blue Sky Studios and dispersed by 20th Century Fox. The film features the voices of Ray Romano, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Chris Wedge and also was chosen at the 75th Academy Awards for ideal animated attribute. It reveals the adventures of a sloth called Sid, a mammoth named Manny as well as a few other pets when the Earth was being flooded with glaciers.
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This movie was met mostly favorable evaluations and also was a ticket office success by earning over $383 million, beginning the Glacial period franchise. It was adhered to by three sequels, including Glacial period: The Crisis in 2006, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs in 2009, and Glacial epoch: Continental Drift in 2012. A 5th movie, titled Ice Age: Collision Course, is set up for launch on July 22, 2016
A saber-toothed squirrel (known as Scrat) is looking for an area to keep his prized acorn. Ultimately, as he attempts to stomp it into the ground, he causes a big split in the ground that expands for miles and also miles as well as triggers a huge barrage. He barely escapes, however discovers himself stepped on by a herd of ancient animals. The animals are attempting to avoid the glacial epoch by moving southern. Sid, an awkward ground sloth left by his household, determines to go on by himself however is attacked by two Brontops which he outraged. Sid is quickly saved by Manfred ("Manny"), an agitated monstrous that fights them off as well as is heading north. Not wanting to be alone as well as unprotected, Sid complies with Manny. At the same time, Soto, the leader of a Smilodon take pride in, desires revenge on a group of people by consuming the principal's child kid, Roshan, to life. Soto leads a raid on the human camp, during which Roshan's mother is separated from the remainder as well as hops down a waterfall when cornered by Soto's lieutenant, Diego. For his failing, Diego is sent to discover as well as recover the infant.

Later on, Sid and also Manny area Roshan as well as his mommy near the lake, having survived her dive. The mommy only has enough toughness to entrust her baby to Manny prior to she vanishes into the water. After much persuasion by Sid, they determine to return Roshan, yet when they get to the human negotiation, they discover it deserted. They meet Diego, who encourages the pair to let him help by tracking the human beings. The 4 travel on, with Diego secretly leading them to his pack for an ambush.
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