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My Dog Tulip anime

Fierlinger and his spouse divided the flick into fourteen sections, making the film over a two and also half year duration [10] using TVPaint, a French, bitmap-based electronic animation software. [10] No paper was made use of in the production. [10]
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The movie alternates between a number of computer animation designs: completely rendered scenes, basic illustrations, black and also white line illustrations and fast notepad sketches. [9] [11]
The Fierlingers drew as well as painted regarding 60,000 drawings for the movie, which makes up about 460 scenes and concerning 600 individual background paintings. [10] The film consists of 116,640 frames, with every frame shot two times, making 12 initial structures for every second of projection time or 720 drawings each minute. At a length of 81 minutes, the film consists of 58,320 drawings. [10]
Fierlinger had earlier animated a half-hour PBS unique called Study in still life With Animated Dogs.

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