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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai cartoon

Yadomi Jinta "Jintan" (宿海仁 Yadomi Jinta? )
Voiced by: Miyu Irino/ Mutsumi Tamura (youth).
Jinta youth buddy of Naruko, Atsumu, Chiriko, Meiko as well as Tetsudo. He is leader of the Super Team Peace. As a child, Jinta is an active boy, but after the fatality of Meiko and also her mommy, Peace Super Team disbanded and he came to be a shut, refusing to visit school, locked himself in your home. When I was a kid, he resembled Meiko however did not admit it. This started a chain of events causing the death of Meiko. Initially when the heart appears prior to Jinta Meiko, he was hesitant and also thought it was merely an impression triggered by nervous tension produced and called her "monster summer season". Jinta was reluctant to do the conventions of Meiko lest she vanishes again. Nevertheless, thanks to the recommendation of Meiko, he has actually gathered the participants of Super Team Peace and lead individuals making the dream of Meiko.
Honma Meiko "Menma" (本間芽衣 Meiko Honma? ).
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Voiced by: Ai Kayano.
Meiko is of blended race woman Russia and Japan. She passed away in a mishap as a kid, yet 10 years later her heart appears prior to Jinta on a summertime day. Although understood he was dead, Meiko was talkative and vivacious. She values the memories as well as childhood friendships. When showing up prior to Jinta, she was in puberty but still like the character as a child and also still putting on the gown before the date of death. Although only Jinta Meiko saw as well as heard, she was still able to communicate with the world around as the door opens, food preparation, consuming, playing games as well as numerous various other activities without Jinta. People still call her by the nickname as a youngster, as well as she additionally called Menma people in Peace Super Squad by their nicknames. Jinta stated that Meiko is always simply a believed for others as well as just cry when they injure. Meiko likewise had no hostility to a close friend regarding her death, however she always wanted to do and reincarnation desire to be able to have fun with everybody.
Naruko "Anaru" Anjo (安城鳴 Anjo Naruko? ).
Voiced by: Haruka Tomatsu.
A youth close friend Jinta, Meiko, Atsumu, Chiriko and also Tetsudo. Naruko constantly to be trendy with Jinta, especially when before her buddies, however always privately bothered with you. She is susceptible to be influenced by others, comply with the activities of the other ladies, even if she does not agree with them. Naruko constantly appreciated and also aimed to such as Meiko as a child, besides that she additionally envious of the relationship between Meiko and Jinta. She as well as Jinta and participating in a secondary school. Naruko claimed that she was very disappointed with the existing way of life of Jinta however constantly psychological for him. She suspects the return of Meiko, yet still covet that Jinta still like Meiko. She also really felt guilty for asking concerns results in the fatality of Meiko.
Atsumu "Yukiatsu" Matsuyuki (松雪 Matsuyuki Atsumu? ).
Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai/ Asami Seto (childhood).
A youth relative Jinta, Meiko, Naruko, Chiriko and also Tetsudo. Because the fatality of Meiko, Atsumu always preserved an air of hatred and with Jinta. He ended up being flustered whenever Meiko is stated as well as concealed his job is still haunted by her death. He as well as the institution Chiriko a prominent institution that has been not able to attend Jinta since sliding tests. Atsumu is a handsome trainee, proficient at sports as well as popular but can not exceed the memory of Meiko. He holds a the same white gown that Meiko wore dresses. Astumu stated he might additionally see Meiko, even on your own claim things that he apparently on behalf Meiko stated. As a matter of fact, he acted to Meiko, straying in the timbers during the night, using a wig and using a white outfit. You do that to compensate Meiko because he had confessed his feelings to her on the day she died, as well as think that if Meiko returned, they must return in front of him as opposed to Jinta. Although no longer presume Atsumu girl after his apprehension yet he was tortured by the idea Meiko just shows up prior to Jinta. He when said to Naruko that they were left behind due to the unilateral affection for Meiko and Jinta unrequited and constantly thoughtful per various other.
Chiriko "Tsuruko" Tsurumi (鶴見知 Tsurumi Chiriko? ).
Voiced by: Saori Hayami.
A childhood years close friend Jinta, Meiko, Naruko, Atsumu as well as Tetsudo. Chiriko factors are relatively fixed as well as somewhat older compared to his age. She and Atsumu stayed good friends given that Super Squad disbanded Peace. She has sensations for Atsumu but abhors himself since he might not eliminate the fatality of Meiko. Chiriko keep that Atsumu barrettes thrown away when Meiko declined as well as use it when alone. She knew of Atsumu guilt for the death of his story false Meiko as well as women. She commonly painted as free, even attracting doodles nguyech Atsumu in dresses picture of Meiko. Chiriko uncaring to the return of Meiko, and doubt whether Meiko forgave everyone. However, like all, Chiriko very sad concerning the fatality of Meiko as they made use of to be buddies. She admitted that she suches as Atsumu Naruko, yet he will never loves for her since she can not win Meiko. Chiriko Atsumu extraordinary sensation Meiko should have tried my finest to obtain to heaven Meiko. In the last episode, after individuals figured out that anybody aid Meiko just for factors of his self-centered, Chiriko, like others, has actually determined in order to help Meiko merely because she loved her.
Tetsudo "Poppo" Hisakawa (久川鉄 Hisakawa Tetsudo? ).
Voiced by: Takayuki Kondō/ Aki Toyosaki (childhood).
A childhood years buddy Jinta, Meiko, Naruko, Atsumu and also Chiriko. Childhood years, Jinta Tetsudo appreciate and also be grateful Super Squad Peace for allowing him play despite the fact that he was a clumsy youngster. Currently he does not go to college, rather than going around the globe with the money gained through part-time jobs. When not traveling, Tetsudo normally secret base of the Peace Super Squad. He is pleasant as well as common boat with every person. He always wanted Super Squad Peace can regroup and also listen to informs Jinta Menma's return, he immediately believe with no doubt a. Tetsudo is the very first in the team told Menma that will certainly assist her execute treaties and also reincarnation. Although outwardly satisfied yet actually Tetsudo always really feel responsible for refraining from doing anything to conserve Menma seeing her fall under the river Ten Years earlier.

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