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Song of the Sea (2014 film) cartoon

On an island off the shore of Ireland, lives Conor, a watchtower caretaker; his boy Ben; his partner Bronagh, that is anticipating their second kid; as well as their sheepdog Cú. Bronagh all of a sudden disappears late one evening (presumed to have actually passed away during childbirth), leaving behind her newborn little girl Saoirse. 6 years later on, in 1987, Conor is a broken male, Saoirse has yet to speak a single word, and also Ben has come to be reluctantly resentful of Saoirse and antagonistic to her, due to the fact that he associates her with their mother's disappearance. The family members are after that seen by their grandmother, Gran, for Saoirse's birthday celebration. That evening, Ben scares Saoirse with a tale of Mac Lir, the titan, as well as his mommy Macha, the Owl Witch, that took his sensations as well as transformed him to rock. Later on, Saoirse plays a seashell horn provided to Ben by their mommy, as well as it leads her to a white sealskin coat concealed in Conor's wardrobe. She places the coat on and is coaxed into the sea by a team of seals. It is then revealed that she is a stunning white selkie. After swimming with the seals, she is discovered depleted onshore by Granny, who insists upon taking the youngsters back house to the city for their very own safety and security. Conor unwillingly agrees in spite of Ben's objections, specifically that Cú can not go with them, and also throws the chest including Saoirse's layer and also its vital right into the sea.
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The following night, on Halloween, Saoirse plays the covering, informing a team of Faerie animals to her existence. Ben and Saoirse begin trying to travel house, yet encounter the Faeries who really hope that Saoirse will certainly sing the Tune of the Sea and also enable them and all their brethren to take a trip home to Tír na nÓg. However, they are struck by Macha's owls, who turn the Faeries to rock. The brother or sisters take a bus into the country, where they face Cú, who had originally been following them to the city. Without her coat, Saoirse is rapidly expanding deathly ill, shown by her hair turning white. They discover a spiritual well that Saoirse falls under. Ben tries to follow her and fulfills the Wonderful Seanachaí, who tells Ben that his sibling has actually been kidnapped by Macha's owls, he also informs Ben that Saoirse is mute since she does not have her coat and also will certainly quickly pass away without it in the sixth year. He provides Ben one of his hairs that will certainly lead him to the witch's home. The hair initially reveals the tale that the evening his mother left, she really did not die, but she went to the sea to rescue Saoirse as well as stayed in the sea as a seal for six years. Ben tearfully realizes exactly how self-centered and also unfair he has actually been to Saoirse in these years. Ben then fulfills Macha, who is not the villain he visualized. She claims that when her son, Mac Lir, struggled with a damaged heart, she removed his suffering, transforming him into the tiny island near Ben's residence. She is determined to do the exact same for everybody, even herself.

Ben handles to save Saoirse, as well as the covering's tune releases Macha's sensations back right into her, assisting her to recognize that transforming individuals to rock merely makes their troubles worse. The witch aids Ben, Saoirse, and also Cú fly back home with the spirits of Mac Lir's dogs. The children get back during a storm, and also Conor attempts to take them back to the landmass to obtain Saoirse to a hospital; at the exact same time, Nana is on her method to their island searching for her absent grandchildren. Ben dives into the sea seeking Saoirse's coat, which he recovers with assistance from the seals as well as his father as well as Saoirse now represents the first time. The group is then washed up on Mac Lir's island, where Saoirse, reunited with her coat, is restored to health and sings her song. Faerie animals from across Ireland rise and also travel to Mac Lir's island, and Mac Lir himself surfaces with Macha and also his canines as they go to Tír na nÓg. Bronagh appears with the unfortunate information that she and Saoirse should leave too. However, since Saoirse is part human, Bronagh has the ability to take her layer and leave her behind to live as a human while she leaves for another six years. After a weeping goodbye, the Faeries depart across the sea, as well as Ben and also his household happily return house to their island, where Nana lastly gets there, and determines the children can stay with their papa. At the end, it is clear that Ben as well as Saoirse are strong relatives as well as brother or sisters.

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