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The story focuses on Madame Souza, an elderly lady raising her young grandson, Champion. Souza notices her grand son is unfortunate and also lonesome, hinted as because of the loss of his moms and dads, so she initially aims to obtain him interested in the piano. When this falls short, she acquires him a puppy dog called Bruno to applaud him up. Although he is originally happy, he promptly becomes melancholic once again. After finding that Champion has an eager interest in road bike racing, since it is suggested that Champ's dead parents were bicyclists, she purchases him a tricycle. Years later, Champ comes to be an expert bicyclist with Souza as his instructor.

Ultimately, Champion gets in the Tour de France but throughout the race, he and 2 various other riders are abducted by 2 French mafia henchmen as well as brought to the bustling metropolis of Belleville.

Souza and Bruno comply with the males, however lose their route right after reaching the city. Lost as well as with no way to find Champ, Souza has an opportunity experience with the prominent Belleville triplets, songs hall vocalists from the 1930s, currently elderly women transformed improvisational musicians. The sisters take Souza to their home and also with time she becomes a part of their team. On the other hand, the mafia manager medicines the kidnapped bikers as well as utilizes a mechanic to create a stationary cycling machine for the racers to race on-- to produce their own mini Excursion de France for gambling.
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At an expensive dining establishment, the Triplets and Souza execute a jam session using a newspaper, refrigerator, vacuum and bike wheel as instruments. The mafia boss that kidnapped her grand son happens to be in the very same restaurant as well as, with the aid of Bruno, Souza realizes he has Champ. She tails one of the Mafia's minions the following day and finds their system. That night, a number of crowd managers as well as their henchmen reach the mafia hideout as well as place bank on the bikers (among which diminishes his bicycle from fatigue, whereupon the bookmaker shoots him as one would certainly a hurt horse). Madame Souza, Bruno and the triplets after that penetrate the hideout and screw up the gizmo, unbolting it from the ground and also transforming it right into a pedal-powered car on which they all escape. The crowd henchmen seek them, however are all prevented in the middle of the chase. The movie finishes with the motley group using on from Belleville, and a flashforward to an elderly Champion reflecting on the adventure, as informed to him by the then-deceased Souza.

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