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Madea Goes to Jail is a 2009 comedy-drama movie written and also directed by Tyler Perry, which was based upon his 2006 play. The play as well as the movie take care of Perry's recurring character Madea visiting prison for her uncontrollable temper administration issues.
After a high-speed highway cops chase (seen in Meet the Browns) leads to Mabel "Madea" Simmons' apprehension, she is put in an anger administration training course, as well as admits her irreversible permit suspension. Returning house from court, Madea discovers a celebration taking place in her residence hosted by her brother, Joe Simmons, who is attempting to comfort Madea. Nonetheless, Madea is not entertained by the festivities and also uses a machine gun to terrify the party goers away.
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Madea seeks advice from Dr. Phil McGraw for rage administration, but does not cooperate with McGraw. Returning house, Madea, having to acquire groceries, calls Cora to drive her to the store, but Cora declines, agitating Madea. Joe anticipates that Madea will certainly get into problem if she goes to the shop, yet Madea neglects him and goes anyhow, driving in her automobile. At Kmart, a woman swipes the garage that Madea wants so she commandeers a forklift truck to remove the lady's car from the room, destroying the automobile while doing so. Madea is jailed and offered court again, where Judge Greg Mathis sentences her to jail for five to 10 years.

On the other hand, assistant area attorney Joshua Hardaway is on the fast track to career success. He is prosecuting a young woman of the street and druggie, Candace "Candy" Washington, with which he is currently acquainted. Josh asks his future wife and fellow ADA Linda Davis to fill out on his behalf, however when Josh takes Candy out to eat as well as offers her his business card in order for her to contact him for future aid, Linda is afraid Josh may be cheating on her. Linda intimidates to leave Josh, determining him that he ought to just socialize with a higher class of individuals.

Right before Madea's test, Ellen asks Josh just how he understands Candace. He tells Ellen that they were buddies from childhood through college, until one evening when he took her to a celebration. He wound up taking place a day and also leaving Candace behind at the celebration, where a group of his close friends gang raped her in his lack, for which Josh remains to nurture deep-seated regret. After Josh asks Ellen to assist Candace, Ellen gets her a job meeting, yet it results in sexual harassment by the interviewer, who Candace kicks in the groin prior to storming out.

At the district lawyer's workplace, Josh's friend, Chuck, runs into Linda and also discovers that she is misstating Candace's report to deliberately get her imprisoned and also far from Josh, a method she has been engaged with other accuseds also, consisting of Madea and also Candace's good friend Donna. Linda tells him to maintain his mouth closed or she'll inform the head A.D.A. that Chuck cheated on his bar test to get his work. Candace returns to prostitution, up until she is jailed by a covert police officer. As a result of Linda's falsifying of her report, the judge provides her a seventeen-year jail sentence.
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