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The Other Woman is a 2014 American enchanting comedy film directed by Nick Cassavetes and also composed by Melissa Stack. The movie stars Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, with Nicki Minaj, Taylor Kinney and Don Johnson in supporting functions. The movie follows 3 women-- Carly (Diaz), Kate (Mann), and also Amber (Upton)-- who are all passionately involved with the very same man, Mark (Coster-Waldau). After discovering each various other, the triad choose to take revenge on Mark.
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Growth of The Other Female started in January 2012, when 20th Century Fox worked with Stack to create the script, based upon the initial suggestion from 1996 funny The First Wives Club. Casting was done between November 2012 as well as June 2013. Filming started on April 29, 2013, in New york city City, in locations including Manhattan, Long Island, The Hamptons, Dockers Waterside Restaurant on Dune Roadway in Quogue and The Bahamas, and it concluded on August 27, 2013. Aaron Zigman made up the score and LBI Productions generated the film.

The movie was launched on April 25, 2014, in the United States, as well as dispersed worldwide by 20th Century Fox. It received unfavorable testimonials, with objection mainly concentrating on the movie's script, directing, acting, and plot. The film has actually been a box office success, ending up being leading at the box workplace during its opening weekend as well as earning over $196 million around the world versus a spending plan of $40 million. It was released on DVD and also Blu-ray on July 29, 2014, and also earned more than $13 million in home media sales.
Carly, a lawyer, has simply begun a relationship with Mark, a man she made love with eight weeks prior. She is distressed when Mark informs her he has to go from community but makes a decision to go over to his house to seduce him. She is alarmed to meet Mark's other half, Kate, which she had actually presumed to be Mark's housemaid. While originally hostile, both females befriend one another. Kate then finds that he is seeing an additional female, whom she originally thinks to be Carly, yet both she and Carly discover that Mark is seeing a third woman, Brownish-yellow.

Carly and Kate travel to the beach, where Kate has an altercation with Amber, as well as both ladies inform her that Mark has been cheating on all of them. All 3 ladies after that decide to take revenge on him with each other. They surge Mark's drinks with estrogen to swell his nipples and a laxative to cause him to defecate heavy diarrhea; and include hair-removal cream into his shampoo. Throughout carrying out of their tricks, they find that Mark has been embezzling money from numerous firms at his office. On the other hand, Carly begins to connect romantically with Kate's bro Phil. Additionally, Amber confides to Carly that she is seeing somebody else too. Nonetheless, their camaraderie starts to crumble when Kate discovers herself loving Mark again after a financier's supper. Carly exposes Mark's fraudulence, disturbing Kate.

Later on, when Mark visits the Bahamas on an expected business trip, Kate determines to follow him there and subject him. She locates Carly as well as Brownish-yellow at the airport terminal, that describe what Mark has depended on-- making use of Kate as the proprietor of the services he defrauded, which if uncovered, would cause her visiting prison. She also learns that Mark has actually been seeing yet another lady: someone he has met on this trip. This, as well as the opportunity of dealing with jail, inspire Kate to take action with the assistance of Carly's legal expertise.
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