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Madea's Witness Protection is a 2012 American funny movie directed, composed as well as created by Tyler Perry. [3] This was the fourteenth movie in the Tyler Perry film franchise business and also the fourth in the Madea franchise (films titled after Madea). It is the fourth Tyler Perry film not adjusted from a play, along with The Household That Preys, Father's Little Women, and Good Deeds, as well as the initial Madea movie not adjusted from a play. The movie is additionally noteworthy for being the single Madea film, (and consequently the only movie by Perry), to be a fully fledged comedy.

The motion picture was recorded in Atlanta from mid to late January to the beginning of March 2012 as well as released through 34th Road Films as well as Lionsgate. With overall box office gross of $66,899,242, [2] Madea's Witness Protection is Tyler Perry's second most effective movie, after Madea Visits Prison.
George Needleman, a nerdy, high degree CFO in New york city City, promises his child that he will certainly take him to his Saturday afternoon baseball online game after he gets back from the office. He reaches his workplace and arrives to a harrowing scene; his colleagues are shredding documents and are in a state of mayhem. He sees his manager, that educates him that his firm is a Ponzi scheme run by the mob. He is being charged of heading the scheme as well as laundering funds and also needs to enter his family members into a witness protection program. The program relocates them to a haven where no one will certainly believe to look for them: Madea and also Joe's house in Georgia.
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Meanwhile, Jake - whose elderly, ailing dad is a church priest that has actually placed him accountable of the church's home mortgage fund - phases a break-in (which is not successful). Jake, who has a criminal past but whose papa trusts that he has actually transformed over a brand-new fallen leave, is trying to recuperate church funds that he has actually invested in Needleman's business without his dad's expertise or authorization, only to shed the whole financial investment in the Ponzi scheme.

The Needlemans' very first meeting with Madea and also Joe is awkward and also bodes badly for just how everybody will get on. Nonetheless, over time, Madea assists Kate and also Cindy associate much better to each a few others and also to a few others relative, while Joe and also Kate assist George come to be a lot more confident, more in contact with his surroundings and also individuals around him, as well as more efficient in transporting his feelings. Barbara presents twin sensibilities concerning "colored individuals". On one hand, she blunders Madea for a residential identifieded as Sadie, deals with "Sadie" imperiously, as well as intimidates to get her fired. On the a few others hand, she identifies Joe as a male she slept with years ago (and also George's natural father), as well as connects to him seductively; she also takes pleasure in spirituals and repeatedly asks to be required to the African American church down the road from Madea's house.

Pastor Nelson's preaching motivates George to identify a pattern in his company's records that clarifies where 10% of the stolen funds have been stowed away. After church, seeing Whoopi Goldberg's Oda Mae Brown character in Ghost influences George to involve Madea in a strategy to redivert funds from the "tucked away" accounts back to the charities whose financial investments were taken in the Ponzi scheme. The strategy requires George (who disguises himself as a Frenchman to prevent detection by the Malone mob "family"), Jake, and also Madea (who assumes the identification of an elegant woman named Precious Jackson) to travel to New york city City, and for "Valuable" to consult with a bank supervisor to transfer funds from the laundered accounts to the legitimate charities. Madea effectively accomplishes her objective, although she improvises both an expansion of her assumed identity (by claiming to be the earliest Jackson sister) and also of the accounts to which "Precious's" funds are transferred by having actually some money sent out to her real savings account, unbeknownst to George as well as Jake.
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