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Wild Wild West is a 1999 American steampunk western action-comedy movie directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. A big-screen adjustment of the 1965-- 1969 TELEVISION collection The Wild West, it stars Will Smith, Kevin Kline (who shows up in double duties as the lead character Artemus Gordon and as Head of state Ulysses S. Grant), Kenneth Branagh, and Salma Hayek.

Much like the series, the film features a huge quantity of gadgetry. It serves as an apology, however, as the gadgetry is a lot more very advanced, implausible steampunk modern technology as well as strange mechanical inventions, including innumerable inventions of the mechanological wizards Artemus Gordon and also Dr. Loveless, such as nitroglycerine-powered penny-farthing bikes, spring-loaded note pads, bulletproof chain mail, flying devices, steam storage tanks, as well as Loveless's gigantic mechanical spider.
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Wild Wild West was an industrial frustration, making just $222.1 million around the world against a $170 million budget plan, and also obtained primarily unfavorable evaluations.
In 1869 UNITED STATE Military Captain James West and U.S. Marshal Artemus Gordon search for Confederate General "Bloodbath" McGrath, who is wanted for mass murder, throughout the Southern USA. This is due to McGrath purchasing a bloodbath in a negotiation called New Freedom, where a number of the freed slaves were killed, consisting of West's biological parents. The search leads to a brothel where both shot (unsuccessfully) to detain him. It leads to a substantial quarrel and also a cart of nitroglycerin crashing into the structure, starting a fire. Both West and also Gordon - the last dressed as a woman - getaway. Later on, in Washington, D.C., West and also Gordon satisfy at the White House with Head of state Ulysses S. Grant, that tells them regarding the loss of The U.S.A.'s vital researchers as well as a treasonous story by General "Bloodbath" McGrath. Grant charges the two with locating the researchers before he inaugurates the very first transcontinental railroad at Promontory, Utah.

Aboard their train, Gordon checks out the head of a murdered scientist, making use of an estimate gadget to expose the last point the researcher saw. Locating McGrath and also a clue in the picture, they head to New Orleans, going after a lead regarding Dr. Arliss Loveless, an ex-Confederate researcher in a steam-powered wheelchair, who is hosting a party for the elite of Southern society. West errors a women guest for a masked Gordon and also makes a mistake that results in the guests wanting to lynch West. Meanwhile, Gordon wanders the manor and comes across a caged Rita Escobar, saving her. Gordon releases West from the lynching with a flexible rope, as well as the 3 retreat to their train The Wanderer. Aboard, Rita requests their help in rescuing her father, one of the abducted scientists, Teacher Escobar.

Later, Loveless hosts a function to demonstrate his newest tool: a steam-powered storage tank. The container uses General McGrath's soldiers as target method, which angers McGrath. When McGrath demands a description, Loveless charges him of "dishonesty" for giving up at Appomattox, then shoots McGrath and also leaves him for dead. As Loveless and his soldiers head over to Utah, Gordon, West and also Rita discover the passing away McGrath, who discloses that he was mounted by Loveless for the bloodbath of New Freedom, discussing that Loveless used the container to kill individuals there. The three then seek Loveless on The Wanderer, yet having expected their arrival and making use of steam-powered hydraulics, Loveless maneuvers his train behind The Wanderer. West handles to disable Loveless' train, but not before Loveless utilizes a cannon-launched grappling hook to quit The Wanderer. Rita, afraid of being regained by Loveless, grabs one of Gordon's eruptive rigged swimming pool balls and also inadvertently releases sleeping gas that knocks out West, Gordon, as well as herself.
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